YMKN Hits A Hole In One Volunteering for Trunkslammers Invitational

Posted by on Apr 24, 2017 in 1Voice Foundation, YMKN Events, YMKN Fund Raiser, YMKN News, YMKN Volunteer Event

  Ye Mystic Krewe of the Nautilus joined What the Buc Really Matters at the 3rd Annual Trunkslammers Invitational benefitting the 1Voice Foundation.  Energetic and exuberant golfers hit the River Hills Country Club golf course to tackle the whacky challenges at various holes, all for the purpose raising money to fight pediatric cancer.  “What the Buc” created a lively and boisterous event that was clearly enjoyed by all!  YMKN added to it by having a golf team and by manning hole 6 with a tee up challenge and jello shot rewards.     Prizes were plentiful and dinner was great.   YMKN gives a big shout out to “What the Buc,”  to all of the 1Voice volunteers, & to the golf participants, without whom the event certainly could not have come off as well as it did.   Very proud of our YMKN Golf participants Minesh Patel, Mike Castellari, Chris Morgenstern, and (in spirit because he had the mumps) Marshall Jones!!   Also, a big thanks goes to YMKN volunteers Monica Throckmorton, Shannon Daugherty, Mike Pastore, Carol Conn, Karen Garcia McGowan, Tracey Mills and Michelle Whitmire.  Hooray to Karen Garcia McGowan who created our 6th hole challenge and who helped, along with Shannon and Carol, make the jello shot rewards.  And thanks to krewe members Michelle Urbanski and Christine Mattioli who joined the event for the dinner and prizes.  It was clear What the Buc and 1Voice Foundation appreciated the participation....

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YMKN’s Nauti Fool Bike Ride

Posted by on Apr 3, 2017 in YMKN Events, YMKN Fund Raiser, YMKN News, YMKN Volunteer Event

Dressed in Nauti foolery,  YMKN hosted great fun at Tampa’s Riverwalk on April Fool’s Day.  The Riverwalk bike ride event consisted of stops at Channelside Hooters, Sail Pavilion, and Ulele.  Channelside Hooters was a great starting and finishing point to the Nauti Fools, providing great tasting libations on both ends of the ride and delicious Hooters wings to jubilant riders as their event came to an end! Ye Mystic Krewe of the Nautilus provides a big shout out to Krewe of Brigadoon and Krewe of Knights of St. John for joining us in our April 1st “foolish” event.  Thanks much for supporting us; we enjoyed having you! Krewe of Brigadoon will receive a free entry into YMKN’s Quest for Hope scavenger hunt (Sept. 23, 2017) for being the external krewe with the most participants in YMKN’s event. And the winner of the Biggest Fool squid hat for wearing the best Foolery attire:...

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YMKN Ugly Holiday Outfit Bike Ride

Posted by on Dec 11, 2016 in YMKN Events, YMKN Fund Raiser

A great time was had by all those who participated in our YMKN Ugly Holiday Outfit Bike Ride on Saturday, 12/10/16.  A BIG SHOUT OUT goes to Carey Bond, who put the event together.  Many thanks go to Love’s Artifacts Bar & Grill, Hula Bay, and Hooters for offering discounted drinks and/or free appetisers for our group!  And, of course, kudos and thanks to all who participated.  We very much appreciate it. And the winners...

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