YMKN 2019 Parade Fees

Greetings all! Its parade season. We have arranged for buses for the Gasparilla Children’s and Parade of Pirates (Adult/Day parade).  We are also allowing child guests for the Children’s parade and adult guests for all other parades.  Here are fees for the bus and guests:

  1. Bus Fee:
    • Adults:  $20.00 (includes CC fee) per parade per adult. Click on PayPal link below and select the number of bus rides for each adult
    • Member kids ride free
  2. Guests Fees:
    • Gasparilla Children’s:
      • $25.00 per child. Includes bus ride, food and drink.
      • Must be chaperoned and parents must sign liability waiver. SeeNautilus Membership Director
      • Fees must be paid a week in advance of the parade
    • All other parades:
      • $75.00 per person per parade, with a lifetime limit of 2 parades. This fee can be applied towards a membership if a membership is enacted within 11 months from the time the fee is submitted. Includes drinks.
      • Fees must be paid a week in advance of the parade
      • Must be sponsored by an existing member in good standing and approved by the board and must sign liability waiver. See Nautilus Membership Director.
  3. Guests must sign YMKN Liability Waiver and Guest Code of Conduct forms.
  4. If guests do not have access to an official YMKN costume, they must follow costume guidelines as outlined below.
    • White or Black Peasant Shirt
    • Black Pants
    • Black Boots
    • Corset (for women)
    • And of course you will want some beads to throw!

If you want to pay by check, please contact the Nautilus Treasurer.?? Payments must be made??well in advance??so we can make sure all the paperwork is in.

Bus Fee

Gasparilla Children’s Parade – Child Guest Fee

Adult Guest Fee

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