Our Story

In 2003, our two founders, Minesh and Leslie, posed the idea to each other to start a Krewe. They had a passion for beach life, stemming from frequent visits to Key West and listening to endless tracks of Jimmy Buffet with the occasional sunset beer toast.   They both shared a concern for our environment and an orientation to conservation. They thoroughly searched for a group that shared their mutual interests, such as participating in and promoting Florida conservation and awareness of our beaches and oceans while providing a family friendly atmosphere. Minesh and Leslie were unable to find the perfect group, so they chose  to start their own Krewe. Their goal was to bring together a group of people with the same love of Florida’s habitats, bringing singles & families to a common cause to have fun and have fun supporting the environment! So our two founders assembled a cadre of founding members, Russ, Kari, Derek, Tien, Mark, Cheryl and Mike, along with a gaggle of charter members and on March 17, 2003, the Ye Mystic Krewe of the Nautilus was born!