YMKN Funds??1VOICE Families for a Day of Education at the Florida Aquarium

Posted by on Sep 27, 2015 in 1Voice Foundation, Florida Aquarium, YMKN News, YMKN Volunteer Event

From Mary Ann Massolio, 1Voice Foundation Director: ??MANY thanks to Brandon Mullins and the entire crew at The Florida Aquarium for hosting an amazing day for our Club Nautilus program! Huge thank you to the Krewe of the Nautilus for funding and supporting this very special program!! Also, for the [YMKN] Krewe volunteers who spent time with our children: Leslie, Mark, Marley & Max, Aimee Churchman Patel, Carey Bond and her children, Stina Renauld and her family, Dave Rogers, Carol Conn and Mike Pastore (1Voice Volunteers extraordinaire and Krewe Volunteers) and Tracy Mills, (1Voice Volunteer extraordinaire and Krewe Volunteer.) And of course our faithful, dedicated and always amusing volunteers: Donna Mart, Michelle Maney, Sid Losh, Jen Mugno, Donald Meister & Debbie Meister and the great team of Val, Mike and Bernard Jones!!! THANK YOU ALL for making a difference and providing hours of laughter for the children, we love and appreciate you all !????????????Thank you to Bernard and Tracy for capturing it all with such wonderful pictures.

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