Welcome to another fun and exciting parade season! 

Links to purchase bus transportation and guest fees are included below, but a couple of things to know before you buy:

  • Bus Fees: 
    • We offer round-trip bus transportation for the Children's Parade only.  
    • You will need to check in with the Krewe Captain at the pick-up location to get a bus pass bracelet.
  • Adult Guest Fees: 
    • Each member is permitted a maximum of 2 guests per parade, and each parade has a limit of 20 guests in total.  Guest registrations are not complete until the fee is paid and all required forms are submitted.  The forms will be emailed to the guest upon fee payment and can be e-signed.  If the maximum number of paid guests is reached before you pay the fee, the guest registration will be canceled.
    • There is a lifetime limit of 2 parades, except for out-of-town guests. This fee can be applied towards a membership if enacted within 11 months of fee submission. 
      • Must be paid at least one week in advance of the parade.  
      • Fee includes non-alcoholic beverages and open bar, except for the Children's Parade (no alcohol permitted).
      • Fee does not include throw beads; guests must provide their own.
    • Must be sponsored by an existing member in good standing and approved by the board.
    • Guests must sign YMKN Liability Waiver, COVID-19 Waiver and Guest Code of Conduct forms.
    • If guests do not have access to an official YMKN costume, they must follow costume guidelines as outlined below:
      • White or Black Peasant Shirt
      • Black Pants
      • Black Boots (or spats/shoe coverings)
      • Corset (for women)
  • Child Guest Fees:
    • Fee includes bus transportation, lunch and non-alcoholic beverages.
    • Children must be chaperoned by sponsoring member.
    • Parents must sign YMKN Liability Waiver, COVID-19 Waiver and Guest Code of Conduct forms.

If you want to pay by check, please contact the Nautilus Treasurer.

About us

Ye Mystic Krewe of the Nautilus is a 501c3 organization dedicated to having fun while promoting philanthropy, environmental awareness and conservation of our beautiful Tampa Bay Area.  We do this through participation in the Gasparilla parades and related events, as well as a variety of hands-on activities with our charitable partners. 

Our mission is to promote Florida environmental awareness and conservation through friendly partnerships, education, charity sponsorship and community service. We volunteer and participate in various clean-up and conservation projects in the Tampa Bay area.  We also raise funds for the 1 Voice Foundation in order to enhance current programs for children & families fighting pediatric cancer.

Become a member

Ready to join?  Have more questions?  

Fill out the information request form on our Become A Member page and someone from the Krewe will get back to you quickly.


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