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Upcoming events

    • 03/15/2024
    • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Stepp's Towing; 5116 Shadowlawn Ave, Tampa

    Board representatives will be at the float from 5:30 pm -7:00 pm but you can drop by anytime to drop off your beads.



    • 03/16/2024
    • 7:00 PM
    • Downtown

     Ahoy Nauti-Mates!

    Come aboard for the 2024 St. Patrick's Day Parade!

    Planning for Parade Day

    • Parade Kickoff - The parade kicks off at 5pm; staging opens at 3pm
    • Staging Position - We're in section 2.  The float will be on Pierce St. between Polk and Cass (kind of in the middle of the lineup).
    • Food - TBD
    • After Party - TBD

    Request a Song

    Add a song to the parade playlist by clicking here .  Note: You do not have to re-submit a request for each parade.  If you request a song, it stays on the playlist for the whole parade season.

    • 03/17/2024
    • 10:00 AM
    • Stepp's Towing; 5116 Shadowlawn Ave, Tampa

    Join your fellow Nauti-Mates as we clean up the float after the St. Patrick's Day Parade. 

    Please note that cleanup usually takes about one hour, but those who show up on time are guaranteed a minimum of two hours volunteer credit.  

    • 04/20/2024
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Florida State Fairgrounds, 4800 US Hwy 301, Tampa, Fl 33610

    The Florida Learning Garden, a project of Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful in partnership with the Florida State Fair Authority, is a permanent one-acre interactive educational experience.

    Florida Learning Garden center is asking for volunteers to assist in cleanup, mostly weeding. This is a great opportunity for those that love outdoor gardening.

    The garden features raised beds, hydroponics, a Florida-Friendly Walking Trail, rain gardens, over 75 types of trees, an interactive greenhouse, the Humana Educational Pavilion for presentations, sensory gardens, butterfly gardens, composting system, gazebo and the Cargill Windmill. From ‘right-plant-right-place’ to best practices for water conservation.

    You will not only get 3 volunteer hours but a great learning experience. 

    • 05/04/2024
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • 440 Falkenburg Rd Tampa, Fl 33619


    In addition to adoption, Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center investigates cruelty and neglect complaints, enforces animal-related laws, and provides dog licensing and pet microchip services.

    We will not be working with the animals themselves as their volunteers actually go through training to handle them. Instead we will be doing a much needed project before the busy time of June and July.

    At this time I am not sure of what type of project we will be doing but it could include painting,  building,...I will post in April. 

    All volunteers must complete a waiver (attached) and bring it with them. If you plan on bringing an older child let me know and I will forward children waiver to you.

    All volunteers will earn 3 hours for this event and if you have any spare blankets, towels, dog or cat toys, food to donate they will accept graciously.

    Waiver of Liability Adult-.pdf

    • 07/18/2024
    • 07/21/2024
    • Key West

    Ahoy Nauti Mates!

    It's time once again for the annual YMKN trip to Key West for Hemingway Days. 

    To keep things simple and allow for maximum flexibility, the Krewe does not manage this event, i.e., you need to make your own travel arrangements and lodging reservations. Typically, whoever goes will stay in touch via text or Facebook Messenger.

    Where to Stay (or try to get close by):

    Rose Lane Villas and Old Towne Manor

    Options for travel to Key West:

    This part is up to you depending on your preference and budget.  You can drive, fly or take the ferry from Fort Myers.

    Flights: From TPA, United and Silver have flights on the 20th and 23rd.  From PIE, Allegiant offers flights, but their schedule is limited so you'd have to fly on the 21st and 24th.

    Ferry:  There is a ferry from Fort Myers to Key West almost every day.  

    • 07/19/2024
    • 07/21/2024
    • Bradenton
    For those not going to Key West but who want a fun-packed weekend of Krewe shenanigans….

    This is an Inter-Krewe Council sponsored event held every year that attracts over 350 Krewe members from the 65 krewes that belong to IKC.  

    This year’s event will be held in Bradenton (we buy out the whole hotel).  More details to come as they are released.  

    This event sells out every year so check back soon for more information.

    The party starts Friday night and wraps up Sunday morning.
    • 09/07/2024
    • 4:00 PM
    • The Italian Club 2nd Floor

    Back at the Italian Club and better than ever!  

    Save the Date - September 7th, 2024

Past events

02/11/2024 Volunteer - Knight Parade Float Cleanup (11am)
02/10/2024 Knight Parade After Party (Food, private room & bar) - Members and Invited Guests Only
02/10/2024 2024 Knights of Sant' Yago Knight Parade (Kicks off at 7pm)
02/10/2024 Knight Parade Pre-Party - Members and Invited Guests Only
02/09/2024 Knight Parade Bead Drop-Off & Wristband Pick-Up
01/28/2024 Volunteer - Gasparilla Day Parade Float Cleanup (10am)
01/27/2024 Day Parade After Party @ Walk Ons Midtown
01/27/2024 2024 Gasparilla Day Parade (Parade kicks off at 2pm)
01/27/2024 Bus Pass - Day Parade (After Parade Only)
01/26/2024 Day Parade Bead Drop-Off & Wristband Pick-Up
01/21/2024 Volunteer - Children's Parade Float Cleanup (10am)
01/20/2024 2024 Gasparilla Children's Parade (Parade kicks off at 4pm)
01/20/2024 Volunteer - 1 Voice Buddy for 2024 Children's Parade (Members Only)
01/20/2024 Bus Pass - Children's Parade
01/20/2024 Children's Parade After Party at Splittsville
01/19/2024 Children's Parade Bead Drop-Off & Wristband Pick-Up
01/13/2024 Volunteer - (Date Change) Float Prep for Children's Parade
12/07/2023 Sip and Shop Social at South Tampa Trading Company
12/02/2023 Mandatory All-Krewe Meeting (Members Only)
11/17/2023 Nov Social - Shuffling the weekend!!
11/11/2023 Volunteer - Float Prep
11/02/2023 Lemon Drop the Mic - 7 Volunteers needed
10/22/2023 Volunteer - Big Cat Rescue Service Day (YMKN Members Only)
10/14/2023 2023 Nauti Ball (Members and Invited Guests Only)
10/08/2023 Volunteer - 1Voice Playground Setup Help
10/07/2023 Volunteer - Keep Pinellas Beautiful INTERNATIONAL COSTAL CLEANUP DAY
09/17/2023 Sept Social - Board Game Social to Support 1Voice Foundation
09/09/2023 15th Annual Quest for Hope
08/11/2023 Volunteer - Bolts BrewFest 2023 (Must be over 21 years of age)
08/04/2023 August Social @ Zydeco (Social & Quest volunteer/team signup)
07/28/2023 Members Only - IKC Carnivale Weekend "Fiesta del Sol"
07/20/2023 2023 Krewe Trip to Key West - Members & Invited Guests Only
07/15/2023 Volunteer @ SharkCon 2023 (Signup deadline is 6/5)
06/25/2023 Krewe Lunch/Post-volunteer event
06/25/2023 Volunteer - Humane Society
06/24/2023 June Social - Jazzy Cat
06/22/2023 Members Only - 1Voice Summer Camp
05/20/2023 Krewe Lunch/May Social (Location Change)
05/20/2023 Volunteer - Gandy Beach Cleanup (Last one of the season)
05/13/2023 IKC Krewe World (Open to the public)
05/13/2023 Volunteer @ IKC Krewe World (YMKN Members Only)
04/15/2023 Volunteer - Big Cat Rescue Service Day (YMKN Members Only)
04/08/2023 Volunteer - 1Voice Academy Service Day
03/18/2023 Volunteer - Great American Cleanup / Gandy Beach
03/12/2023 Volunteer - St. Patrick's Day Parade Float Cleanup
03/11/2023 St. Patrick's Day Parade After Party
03/11/2023 2023 St. Patrick's Day Parade (Parade kicks off at 7pm)
03/11/2023 St. Patrick's Day Parade Pre-Party
03/10/2023 St. Patrick's Parade Bead Drop-Off
02/24/2023 Volunteer - Gasparilla Distance Classic - Members & Invited Guests Only
02/12/2023 Volunteer - Knight Parade Float Cleanup
02/11/2023 Knight Parade After Party
02/11/2023 2023 Knights of Sant' Yago Knight Parade (Kicks off at 7pm)
02/11/2023 Knight Parade Pre-Party
02/10/2023 Knight Parade Bead Drop-Off
01/29/2023 Volunteer - Gasparilla Day Parade Float Cleanup
01/28/2023 2023 Gasparilla Day Parade (Parade kicks off at 2pm)
01/28/2023 Gasparilla Day Parade Bus & After Party
01/27/2023 Day Parade Bead Drop-Off & Bracelet Pick-Up
01/22/2023 Volunteer - Children's Parade Float Cleanup
01/21/2023 2023 Gasparilla Children's Parade
01/21/2023 Volunteer - 1 Voice Buddy for Children's Parade
01/21/2023 Bus Pass - Children's Parade
01/20/2023 Children's Parade Bead Drop-Off & Bracelet Pick-Up
01/17/2023 Volunteer - 1Voice Academy Gasparilla Visit (In Costume)
01/09/2023 January 2023 Board Meeting
01/07/2023 Volunteer - Float Prep Day (Prep for Kid's Parade)
01/06/2023 January Social & Raffle Drawing
12/11/2022 Volunteer - Big Cat Rescue Service Day
12/07/2022 Mandatory All-Krewe Meeting (Members Only)
12/04/2022 IT’S A BLING THING!!!!!! Costume Bling Party
11/26/2022 Volunteer - Float Floor Painting (Members Only)
11/19/2022 Volunteer - Float Prep Day
11/19/2022 Volunteer - Gandy Beach Cleanup
11/12/2022 Nauti Ball 2022 - Current & Former Members (and their guests) Only
11/07/2022 November 2022 Board Meeting
11/04/2022 November Social
11/03/2022 Lemon Drop the Mic - Benefits 1 Voice (Earns volunteer hours)
10/30/2022 Volunteer - Humane Society
10/22/2022 Volunteer - Halloween Party to benefit 1Voice (Members Only)
10/21/2022 October Social!!
10/08/2022 Prospective Members - Come see YMKN at Krewe Rush
10/08/2022 Volunteer - Krewe Rush
10/08/2022 Volunteer - Keep Pinellas Beautiful INTERNATIONAL COSTAL CLEANUP DAY
09/24/2022 Prospective Members - Come See YMKN at IKC KreweWorld
09/24/2022 Volunteer @ IKC Krewe World
09/17/2022 14th Annual Quest for Hope
09/12/2022 September Board Meeting
09/09/2022 September Social
08/11/2022 Quest Sign-up Drive and August Social!
08/01/2022 August Board Meeting
07/21/2022 Annual Krewe Trip to Key West
07/16/2022 Volunteer @ 2022 SharkCon
07/15/2022 2022 IKC Carnivale (See details for ticket information)
07/15/2022 Volunteer @ Keep TB Beautiful Tropical Nights Gala
07/11/2022 July Board Meeting
06/25/2022 June Social @ Shuffle
06/18/2022 Volunteer @ Humane Society
06/13/2022 Quest for Hope Planning Meeting
06/11/2022 Volunteer @ Keep TB Beautiful Florida Learning Garden
06/01/2022 June Board Meeting
05/14/2022 Volunteer Opportunity - KTBB Florida Learning Garden
05/04/2022 May Board Meeting
04/30/2022 Ybor Ghost Tour & Pub Crawl - make up
04/23/2022 Earth Day Volunteer Event - Riverwalk Cleanup
04/06/2022 April Board Meeting
04/01/2022 Humane Society Volunteer Event - Island Paws Setup
03/27/2022 Volunteer Opportunity - Jazz on the Lawn
03/15/2022 Test
03/13/2022 St. Patrick's Day Parade Float Cleanup (Earns Volunteer Hours)
03/12/2022 St. Patrick's Day After Party (Must buy tickets on EventBrite)
03/12/2022 2022 St. Patrick's Day Parade
03/11/2022 St. Patrick's Parade Bead Drop-Off
03/03/2022 March Board Meeting
02/26/2022 Tampa Bay Coastal Cleanup Day
02/19/2022 1Voice Academy Volunteer Event
02/13/2022 Knight Parade Float Cleanup (Earns Volunteer Hours)
02/12/2022 2022 Knights of Sant' Yago Knight Parade
02/11/2022 Knight Parade Bead Drop-Off
02/02/2022 February Board Meeting
01/30/2022 Gasparilla Day Parade Float Cleanup (Earns Volunteer Hours)
01/29/2022 Gasparilla After party @ Maloney's
01/29/2022 Day Parade Bus Pass (After Parade Only)
01/29/2022 2022 Gasparilla Day Parade
01/28/2022 Day Parade Bead Drop-Off & Bracelet Pick-Up
01/25/2022 1 Voice Academy Gasparilla Night (3 Volunteer Hours)
01/23/2022 Children's Parade Float Cleanup (Earns Volunteer Hours)
01/22/2022 Gasparilla Children's Parade after Party
01/22/2022 2022 Gasparilla Children's Parade
01/21/2022 Children's Parade Bead Drop-Off & Bracelet Pick-Up
01/15/2022 New Member Parade & Float Safety Meeting (Returning Members Welcome as well)
01/15/2022 Children's Parade Float Prep (Earns Volunteer Hours)
01/08/2022 Bling It On!
01/08/2022 Jan 8th Humane Society Volunteer Event (Need 6-12 people)
01/05/2022 January Board Meeting
12/18/2021 Humane Society Volunteer Event (Need 6-12 people)
12/01/2021 December Board Meeting
11/13/2021 1Voice Academy Volunteer Event
11/06/2021 Float Prep Day (Earns Volunteer Hours)
11/05/2021 Ybor Ghost Tour and Pub Crawl
11/02/2021 Monthly Board Meeting
10/28/2021 All Krewe Meeting
10/09/2021 October Social
10/06/2021 October Board Meeting
09/18/2021 Krewe Luncheon
09/18/2021 Tampa Bay Coastal Cleanup Day
09/12/2021 1 Voice SAILute Floatilla
09/01/2021 Monthly Board Meeting
08/14/2021 August Social - Ducky's
08/11/2021 Monthly Board Meeting
08/07/2021 YMKN Volunteers at SharkCon
07/16/2021 Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Tropical Nights Gala
07/14/2021 Monthly Board Meeting
07/11/2021 July Social @ Shuffle
06/19/2021 June Social - Dinner Cruise Aboard the Starlite Calypso Queen
06/02/2021 Monthly Board Meeting
05/15/2021 1 Voice Campus Cleanup Day
05/05/2021 Monthly Board Meeting
04/24/2021 Earth Day Volunteer Event
04/07/2021 Monthly Board Meeting & OnSite Visit to 1Voice School
03/27/2021 YMKN Pub Crawl
03/03/2021 Monthly Board Meeting
02/13/2021 1 Voice Car Parade
01/30/2021 Krewe Bike Ride & Social
11/04/2020 Monthly Board Meeting
10/07/2020 Monthly Board Meeting
09/19/2020 1 Voice Sailute Floatilla
09/12/2020 All Krewe Meeting
07/08/2020 Board Meeting

Events Calendar

About us

Ye Mystic Krewe of the Nautilus is a 501c3 organization dedicated to having fun while promoting philanthropy, environmental awareness and conservation of our beautiful Tampa Bay Area.  We do this through participation in the Gasparilla parades and related events, as well as a variety of hands-on activities with our charitable partners. 

Our mission is to promote Florida environmental awareness and conservation through friendly partnerships, education, charity sponsorship and community service. We volunteer and participate in various clean-up and conservation projects in the Tampa Bay area.  We also raise funds for the 1 Voice Foundation in order to enhance current programs for children & families fighting pediatric cancer.

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